A yacht for frens. Ownership. Party. Renting. Metaverse.

Welcome to the Frens Yacht Club, a community driven project where we aim to buy a community-owned yacht.

Take part in an exclusive trip from growing an NFT project to owning a yacht and building the first super-yacht in the Metaverse that brings you profit.



Island 1

Frens Yacht Club
NFT Membership Card

We will launch an exclusive NFT Membership Card which will give you access to the yacht and voting rights in the Frens Yacht Club DAO. 

Only 5000 cards will be created. They will be available both as an NFT and as a physical card. You can lend out or resell your NFT Membership Card. 

70% of the initial sale and 100% of the royalties goes directly to the FYC Treasury wallet. This will be coded in the Smart Contract. The FYC Treasury will be owned by the DAO (see Island 2).

More information will be released later about the launch.

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Island 2

DAO + Yacht

Owning a FYC Membership Card gives you voting right in the Frens Yacht Club DAO. The DAO will decide what yacht we buy and how much we spend. In this phase we will effectively buy the yacht. The purchase, maintenance and event costs will come from the FYC Treasury. 

First Frens Yacht Club Party will be held soon after. FYC Member can be accompanied by up to 7 guests, depending on the joinlist.

Island 3


After owning an IRL yacht we will create a super-yacht in the Metaverse. Here we can organise bigger events and rent out the super-yacht for festivals and such in the Metaverse (to third-parties). All proceeds of renting and/or licensing will be distributed to FYC members.


The team behind Frens Yacht Club consists of members who work or have worked in both SME and crypto/blockchain related projects.


Experienced as a freelance digital consultant and big-time yacht lover.


NFT degen with 5+ years experience in Blockchain and recently joined the Metaverse.


Web-developer with a big heart and passion for Web3.

We are looking for more people to join our team. If you’re interested, send your resume to info@frensyachtclub.com

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